Your diversity and inclusion program can help with your marketing campaigns.

Diversity and inclusion drive innovation. Companies that are diverse and inclusive generate unconventional solutions and offer breakthrough ideas, which increases the likelihood that they will provide products and services that position themselves above their competition, resulting in more significant long-term growth.

All companies have the opportunity to take concrete actions in favor of diversity and inclusion in terms of Gender, Race, Age, Sexual Orientation, and Disability.

Today we want to share 5 tips to promoting diversity and inclusion within your company and show you the significant impact this can have on your digital marketing.

Talent diversity: An inclusive company works with different talents without considering aspects such as age, race, gender, or sexual orientation. An excellent way to minimize these unconscious biases is to evaluate people’s achievements and the contribution they make to the organization.

Create a culture manual: Establishing a manual that describes the values of your business allows you to avoid future conflicts within your team. This manual will also allow new people who join your company to quickly identify the pillars that support it, as well as the vision and mission.  

Flexible schedules: You work with people that have different needs. Offering flexible schedules and telecommuting options is a great way to promote better work environments.

Promoting empowerment: Empowerment as a tool to acquire personal independence is an excellent business strategy. An empowered employee can make decisions and provide practical solutions in the work environment.

Social inclusion: Do not limit your workforce. It is essential to have a space of inclusion for people with disabilities. The barriers in this regard do not arise from their competencies to occupy a position; they come from social conditioning that prevents them from showing what they are truly worth. 

Implementing these strategies in your marketing campaigns is not complicated if you already apply them within your company. It is as simple as genuinely projecting who you are. Remember that a brand represents the company’s beliefs, behaviors, vision, and traits.

Some of these simple strategies would be: 

– Including models from different ethnicities and cultures in your promotions and advertisements. 

– Using inclusive language that connects with the audience and the message.

– Creating campaigns that unite generations. 

– Adapting your campaigns to be accessible to consumers with functional diversity.

Diversity and inclusion are issues that we should not ignore. We are living a critical moment at a national and global level, and all companies should take note of these concepts and incorporate them into their commercial dynamics. The results can be fantastic.

At BOLD, we understand the impact and importance of working in a diverse and inclusive environment. Our strategies, campaigns, and ideas are born from working in a multicultural environment; where every individual counts. Our differences as individuals are our strengths as a team. Contact us to start creating your campaigns.

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