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Brand Identity

At Bold Hispanic Marketing Agency, we not only design an image but we also create an emotional connection with your target audience.

Each brand has its own personality. At BOLD, we work with you to define what the personality of your brand will be. This is a key factor of why your clients want to approach you and/or stay with you.

Graphic Design

When it comes down to it, a graphic designer is an indispensable part of a marketing agency.

Communication between a graphic artist and clients is vital to develop good content and designs for each brand. That is the key to guaranteeing success when assembling the elements that form a brand’s identity. ⠀

The ideal design is to #BeYou

2D Animated Videos

An animated video is your opportunity to tell someone about the story of your brand and how your products came along and you do it through graphic animations. ⠀

The intention of these videos is to promote and sell. Animated videos have become very popular in the digital world because it’s a quick and intuitive way to show others what your product is all about and staying in consumers minds. ⠀

They make your brand creative and innovative.

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be .bold

.BE creative

Multi-language content marketing: We make a great story out of your brand.


Web Design and User Experience: We build websites that connect with your customer needs.

.BE discovered

People are searching for your products and services online. We help them find you.

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