Tips for this year’s Thanksgiving marketing campaign

November is a month dedicated to giving thanks and, of course, offering great deals! As digital marketing specialists, we understand how important it is for consumers to bond with your brand. It is also important to have a team of professionals who allow you to grow that relationship in the best possible way.

 Thanking your customers and employees can be a perfect time to strengthen ties and maintain partnerships. Saying “thank you” is an act of kindness that comes with many benefits.

 Now you have the opportunity to recognize the work of others and the loyalty of your customers. Here are some tips for giving thanks on Thanksgiving. 

  1. Be Specific

 For both your employees and your customers, highlighting a specific action shows closeness and empathy. Make sure to focus on the tasks your team performs, and thank them for their efforts.

 For your customers, you can send personalized emails expressing how grateful you are for their trust and for hiring you.  

  1. Make it Personal

Be empathetic and personalize each “thank you” for each person. You can offer small gifts to your team, like a book or some candy, and thank them for something specific. 

Do the same with your customers. Send a gift to those who are more loyal, the more established client, or the newest one. You can thank them with a discount on their next purchase or offer them a promotional voucher. 

  1. Add Value

Do something memorable to your customers and employees. When you add value, bonds are strengthened. As mentioned in the previous point, you can offer a gift to your customers via your website or in your store. Hosting an event is also a great option and allows your team to participate.

  1. Be Kind

 Another way to say “thank you” is by hosting a charity event for a social cause that identifies with your business.  For example, you can donate or spend a day volunteering with associations that help entrepreneurs.

  1. Use Social Media 

Communicate your gratitude and show how proud you are of your team and your customers through social media. These communication channels allow your audience to interact with your company and understand what you are all about. Reach out to your audience, listen to them, and reward them for being there.

  Saying “thank you” has incredible power. Your customers will remain loyal and happy, and your employees will be grateful.

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