. jesús


He is my strength and my song.

PPC & SEO Specialist –

“Caraqueño” from birth, Jesús was born and raised in Caracas, Venezuela, but has lived in Barcelona, Spain, for almost 8 years.

He studied Philosophy and Theology, which is demonstrated each day through his understanding, thoughtful and empathetic nature.Although his studies were in humanities, Jesús has also developed in more technical areas, becoming an expert in the digitization of business. He is currently pursuing a Master in Business Administration with a specialization in Digital Marketing.

With more than 30 years of work experience, Jesús mentions that what he loves most is understanding the true needs of his clients and solving them quickly and professionally.

Those who know him know that he is a “big kid.” Behind this analytical, pragmatic, and focused man, is a big kid who is a huge Harry Potter fan and loves to play World of Warcraft.

At BOLD, Jesús is our PPC & SEO specialist in charge of managing campaigns and strategies. He increases the visibility of our client’s brand in different search engines by helping them drive in website traffic and generate potential clients.

His collection of Funko Pops and Rubik’s Cubes are just some of his weird obsessions. Another of Jesús’ weaknesses is good food. That is why he cannot choose a favorite food.

Some of his greatest virtues are his ability to be an active listener and give advice based on his past life experience.

He is a great advisor and is part of #TeamBold.

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