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. Gabriela


Two roads forked in a forest, and me, I took the one less traveled

Robert Frost

Graphic Artist

Although her full name is Gabriela Reyes, to us and everyone she knows, she is “”Gaby.”” Born in Vargas, Venezuela, she has a degree in graphic design with more than 5 years of experience helping diverse brands project their ideas and purpose.

Currently, she lives in Argentina, and at BOLD, she is one of the people in charge of the social media graphic design work for our clients. However, her great disposition, infinite creativity, and organization have contributed to creating designs of all kinds and diverse forms of media.

Gaby is multifaceted and can go from enjoying a stroll in the city or a good book to becoming a hardcore gamer. As a good Latina, she loves the beach, starts her mornings with a good cup of coffee, and knows how to choose the best rock songs to distract herself.

She is responsible, hardworking, and independent, always ready to help and support when needed. She is the pure representation of creativity, efficiency, and teamwork, without leaving aside the fun, sweetness, and balance that characterizes her and makes her a unique part of #TeamBold.

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