. elizabeth

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If there is empathy, there is a solution

Copywriter –

She was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. She is currently studying Digital Marketing. At only 22 years old, she already has an extensive professional career as a writer, translator, copywriter, community manager, publicist, and content editor.

She loves nature and animals. One of her first jobs was as a dog groomer. She adopts and takes care of all the helpless animals she finds on her way. Today, she collaborates remotely by caring for an elephant in an African reserve and a dolphin living in an Argentinian reserve.

Eli is a multi-faceted artist. At 16, she wrote and published a book of poetry. She also draws black and white pencil portraits. Calmness, respect, flexibility, and attention to detail converge in her.

As our Community Manager, she is responsible for creating a genuine community for our clients. In a few short months, she has become the voice for all of them.

Empathy is important to her. She tries to handle all situations by understanding how others feel and ensures her words and actions always positively impact the lives of herself and others. She decided to become a good person from a very young age, and without a doubt, she has achieved it.

She invites us to dream and belongs to team BOLD.

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