. Andrea


Grow, no matter what happens

Key Account Manager

Althought Andrea was born in Venezuela but went to live in Portugal when she was very young, and it is where she spent most of her childhood. She later moved to Orlando, Florida, where she went to middle and high school, ultimately settling in Barcelona, Spain, where she currently resides, to pursue her university education.

She carries a great blend of cultures in her heart, allowing her to see the bigger picture and offering her an innate ability to adapt to change.

She has two advanced degrees in International Trade, Transportation, and Logistics, but most recently worked in Customer Service, where she has developed professionally. Her years of working in the sales industry have helped her discover the magic of connecting with customers.

At BOLD, she is one of our Key Account Managers, and her job is to develop the best digital marketing solutions for clients based on their goals and objectives.

In her spare time, she enjoys dancing, spending time with her friends, seeing new places and listening to good music.

She is the one with the big ideas and is part of #TeamBold.

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