. Alessandra Irlet

    Paredes Bullon

"Maybe I seem to get lost along the way. But I am guided by intuition..."

– I am the Community Manager –

Alessandra is Venezuelan and has a degree in Social Communication. She started working as a community manager for agencies in her country and later for companies in other parts of the world.

For the last 5 years, she has worked in Corporate Communications, primarily dedicated to imaging and design. She has worked for companies in different sectors, such as agriculture, food imports, construction companies, etc.

As Community Manager, she is in charge of publishing, managing, interacting, sharing, and maintaining the different digital communities in our and our client’s social media platforms.

She has an incredible ability to adapt and provide practical solutions. Alessandra loves to listen to others, adapt and be empathetic—three essential ingredients to keep our communities vibrant and build that trust between audience and brand.

She is a dreamer, curious and restless. She enjoys reading, writing, and, of course, studying Korean in her spare time. She always has her notebook, pencil, and a good theme song to brighten her day.

Here’s a little piece of a song she shared with us:

… Brilliant things always come out suddenly. Like the shape of a flower… I can use any pretext, any excuse, any mistake.”

 She inspires us and she’s part of our #TeamBold.

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