. Siling rea

Patience obtains all things. Whoever has God lacks nothing;God alone suffices.

Santa Teresa de Jesús

Creative Director

Born in Caracas, Venezuela. Siling Rea resides in Seville, Spain. She is an architect, who graduated from Simón Bolívar University in her home country of Venezuela. She also has a Certification in Urban Planning from the University Central of Venezuela and a Master’s Degree in Architecture and Sustainability from the Polytechnic University of Catalonia in Barcelona, ​​Spain.

She has years of experience working for successful and well-known companies both in Venezuela and in Spain. Her professional experience plays a vital role at BOLD.

As Creative Director, she provides a fresh and versatile vision to the content we create. In short, she is our creative genius. Whether creating campaigns for our clients, content for social media, or new websites, Siling’s ability to innovate knows no limits.

Simply put, she is our creative genius. Whether she’s working on client campaigns, content for social media, or new websites, Siling’s ability to design and create has no boundaries.

She is also a certified photographer, bringing even more to the table and to BOLD.

During her spare time, she loves taking pictures and playing volleyball. Her imagination is endless, especially when it’s time for her to start creating, and she doesn’t stop there! She loves to learn and practice new things, and it’s reflected in her work.

Siling is also a proud wife and mother, a facet of her life that makes her incredibly happy.

She always makes us laugh and is a great asset to our team! She is very loving, friendly, and a great listener.

Her favorite quote is part of a prayer from Saint Teresa of Avila, where she says: “Patience achieves everything, he who has God lacks nothing.”

Siling is a key supporter and a huge part of #TeamBold.

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