Selling Is A Great Concept, But Building Customer Loyalty Should Be The Ultimate Goal

“It’s easier getting existing customers to buy from you again, than finding new customers.” You’ve probably heard this phrase many times without thinking about what it actually means.

The reason is that most business owners focus almost all their efforts on constantly attracting new customers that they forget about their current ones.


If you stop and think about it, a person who has already bought from you and believes in you is more likely to buy from you again, more than someone who knows nothing about you or your brand to take that first step.



In all the client proposals we put together, we emphasize the importance of focusing efforts on the retention and loyalty of your existing customers. But it is logical to ask: How can you attain loyalty?

Customer retention strategies will allow you to create a solid relationship with them. It is not enough to sell a valuable product and give them a rewarding sales experience. Customers always want more, and they uncover that when you design marketing strategies that help you stay connected with them.

In this blog, we will share three basic strategies you should offer:

  • Online After-Sales Management: There is a wide range of opportunities in after-sales care. The simplest ones are:
  • Redirect your customers to a thank you landing page offering them a free gift for buying your product or service.
  • Create a chat within your website that your customers can access to answer their questions or leave comments. 
  • E-mail Marketing Campaign: A good e-mail marketing campaign begins with a well-segmented customer list. Then you can send them communications with offers, information, or promotions that you know they are interested in. Remember, they are the perfect way to surprise your customers on birthdays or other holidays.
  • Have a professional Community Manager: A community manager is a human link, constant and close, which will make your customers feel that there is a real relationship between them and your brand. Responding to their questions, thanking them for leaving comments, and offering them personalized attention are just some of the benefits of having a professional attending to your social media.

Take note of these three simple strategies and start building customer loyalty.

Remember, if selling is a key objective, then building customer loyalty is the ultimate goal to increase sales. A happy customer will recommend you to his colleagues, friends, and family.

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