. Renata


¿Por qué tener el mundo en tus manos, en lugar de darle tus manos al mundo?

Renata Scrivano

Brand Strategist and Chief Editor-

She was born and raised in Lechería, Venezuela. A place with an inevitable sea aroma and coconut flavor. She obtained a bachelor’s degree in Social Communication at Santa Maria University, where she specialized in Corporate Communication. Her outstanding performance and participation led her to become her teacher’s assistant and later a substitute teacher at the School of Communication where she first began her studies.

 Renata Scrivano, is responsible and organized; She is our Brand Strategist and Chief Editor at Bold Digital Marketing. Before becoming a part of #TeamBOLD, she practiced her profession at successful agencies in the field. Her love for arts also led her to be a part of the film festival, “Entre largos y cortos de Oriente” also known as ELCO, where she also had the opportunity to organize the arts fair.

 Her neat writing skills and creative spirit is the reason why she’s our Chief Editor. She brings so much to the table and is very understanding. Renata not only loves to read, sing, write music and poetry, she also volunteers her time to children in need, encouraging them to follow their dreams. The sky is the limit for this gal. She’s also an animal lover, she adopted as many dogs and cats as she could and became a vegetarian out of compassion for animals.

To get a little feel of Renata, just know that she loves tattoos and has many of them. When she’s working, she’s usually listening to Fito Paez’s music among other similar artists. She wants people to see her as an unbiased person that contributes to the world by helping with the development of early childhood education. She wants a place that offers the necessary tools to create a flexible and personalized system and help make happier human beings.

She works hard but also takes time to watch some of her favorite television series, “Friends” being her #1. Renata lives her life by the following slogan: “Why have the world in your hands when you can give your hands to the world”.

… She motivates us and she’s part of #TeamBold

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