How to capture a multicultural market?

Multiculturalism has become a reality in the U.S. In cities and states, such as Orlando, it is easy to find people from different parts of the world, and Hispanics stand out among most as the largest minority population.
 Approximately 60 million Latinos are living in the U.S., which comprises 18% of the population. Many companies have already begun the race to conquer this ethnic group. According to the Ad Age Latino Fact Pack, advertisers spent $9.4 billion to attract Latino consumers.
So what should you do?

Have an online vision: Latinos spend a lot of time online, have the most up-to-date mobile devices, and are actively engaged in social media, so it’s crucial to be where they are.

 Use social media to attract them: Make sure to optimize your website, so it adapts to smartphones and tablets.

 Adapt the message to them: Typically, when we talk about Hispanics, we think of them only speaking Spanish, but the truth is that many are bilingual, and some primarily speak English.

 It is not just a matter of translating content from one language to another, it is about understanding and expressing yourself as they would. It’s critical to understand phrases, expressions, and the way they communicate. At times, you may have to mix both languages and speak to them in “Spanglish.”

 Relate to their culture: Latinos, like any other group, have cultural codes that identify them. Understanding them allows you to connect with them and help them identify with your message.

 Keep in mind that Hispanics come from many countries, so you must pay attention when creating stories or text. Music, family, religion, and food are some key aspects of Latino culture.

 Understand your target audience: Not everything is just about culture and language. In digital marketing, you must remember to define your “user persona” to have a well-targeted strategy. You must identify with different groups of Hispanics, like targeting a certain age or gender. Make sure to identify their habits, how they behave, their fears, problems, solutions, location, where and what they do for fun, etc.


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To enter a market or directly reach a target audience, you must prepare yourself by analyzing and studying their characteristics and their way of life. You must align your digital marketing strategy with your objectives and market demands. Being prepared is the key to achieving these objectives.


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