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I'm amazing

Key Account Manager

Jessica Olivares studied Social Communications and majored in advertising communications. She was born and raised in Venezuela, but most recently, she has been living in Buenos Aires, Argentina, along with her twin sister.

Jessica is a tireless fighter. Throughout her career, she has had the opportunity to work in various industries, including Food, culinary, arts and culture, import and export, and even in the mass consumption sector. Volunteering is another facet she carves out time for whenever she can to help the elderly and anyone who needs it.

She has a hidden passion for forensics and criminology and has seen every TV series about it. Her analytical, observant, and strategic side drives her to think twice in every situation.

At BOLD, she is responsible for our client’s strategies. Her extensive professional experience, determination, and commitment allow her to view the entire process at 360º. Jessica always goes one step further. For her, teamwork and communication are the key pillars in the entire marketing creation process.

She is currently taking a course in Community Management and perfecting her English. She loves spending her free time with her family and enjoys discovering new flavors in the culinary world. In a few words, our Jessi: She likes to eat everything.

She is responsible and determined and is part of the BOLD team.

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