How can I define my ideal client?

If you are a business owner or sell a product/service, then you have most likely heard the terms “ideal client” or “target audience,” right? If your answer is yes, then you are on the right track.

But do you really know who your ideal client is?

The ideal client or buyer persona is a fictional representation of your potential client or target audience based on research and specific characteristics.

Ultimately, the goal is to better understand our audience, plan a marketing strategy that will attract them, better diversify our campaigns, and offer them appropriate solutions based on their needs.

To connect with your client (or your ideal clients), you must understand them – how they act, what they like, their fears, where they are, etc. In other words, you must put yourself in their shoes.

So how do you build your ideal client?

You have to start by analyzing your audience and answering a series of questions. This can be done by observing your audience, listening to them, conducting surveys, analyzing data from social media, etc. Based on the data you have collected, you can start answering these questions (we will share a template with you at the end of this article):


How old are you?

15 – 24

25 – 34

35 – 44

45 – 54

55 – +

What is their gender?

What is their level of education?

What does your ideal client do? For example, are they a student, do they work, do they stay home, etc.

Where do they live? (Latin America, the United States, Europe, a specific country or region, etc.)

Needs and interests

What social media do they use?

What do you think they do for fun?

What is my client interested in that relates to my business?

How do they absorb information?

What are their daily needs?

Specific details

What is my client’s personality like?

What are some frequently asked questions they may have?

What are their fears or weaknesses?

What concerns do they have?

What’s keeping them from achieving their dreams?

Observe, listen and respond

What do they want most, and how much are they willing to pay to make their wish come true?

What motivates them?

What do clients do to solve their problems?

What’s the worst that would happen if it’s not solved?

What keywords or phrases do they usually use?

What will help them achieve your goals?

By conducting this activity, you can define your ideal client (or clients, since you can have more than one), get to know them better, connect with them and start creating stories.

We have a template we would like to share with you that sums up each of these questions and will help you finalize the profile of your buyer persona. Click here.

Remember to reach out to us if you have any questions or concerns. At Bold Digital Marketing Studio, we can help you define your target audience and create strategies that will lead you straight to them.

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