Hispanic Sports Marketing : Make a Big Business Play

Did you know that Latinos still call soccer “fútbol”? And that for a Latino immigrant, experiencing an NBA game could be a dream come true?

Reaching out to communities that have not traditionally been home to these teams is possible if you consider the needs of the Hispanic market.

Soccer is a sport that has a rich history within the U.S. Latino market and connects with them deeply. On the other hand, basketball is a sport they probably follow on TV, but how do you make the Hispanic community embrace their hometown or U.S. national team as their second team?

Maybe you have tried different approaches when attracting this market, such as hiring a salesperson that speaks Spanish or having them wear name tags that say “Yo Hablo Español.” However, when considering marketing to Hispanics as it relates to sports, you must consider their cultural background before implementing an action plan.

Latinos are well known for their passion and love for sports as fans and athletes. In addition, they are famous for being the world’s most passionate and loyal audience.

A study run by Turnkey, Sports Business Journal, and Telemundo found that Latino sports fans are 54% more likely than their non-Latino counterparts (48%) to support the companies that sponsor their teams or leagues.

This same study showed that Hispanic fans are 33% more likely than non-Hispanic fans to purchase products shown in TV commercials. Most recently, the Hispanic audience has grown by more than 25%.

With this new perspective of what the Hispanic audience can offer the sports industry, it is crucial to incorporate Hispanic digital marketing as a tool for communication and brand growth.

But remember, it is not just about directing your efforts to sell them your products and services. It is about understanding the impact this community has on the sports world.

Here are a few steps you can take to score points with this community.

  1. Understand your target audience: First, think about conducting a study about the cultural differences that exist within the community. For example, you will likely find that Hispanics from the southern cone are more interested in sports like soccer, while those who live in the Caribbean tend to be baseball fans.
  2. Speak in their language: Don’t forget to speak to them in their language. It’s not just about speaking in Spanish. Include sports lingoes they use in their respective countries, and the message will surely reach them more effectively.
  3. Forget stereotypes: Hispanics are a community with high purchasing power willing to adapt to the country’s culture, which includes adopting standard American sports practices.
  4. Learn their preferences: Hispanic fans are diverse. Before creating your campaigns, consider aspects such as acculturation levels, where they were born, and where they currently reside. All of these influence their sports preferences.

Here are some interesting facts.

The Hispanic fan base offers a growth opportunity because of its size, interest in sports, and connection to the sports culture that goes back decades. Just walk down memory lane to discover the impact Hispanics have on this industry.

  • Since 1929 there have been close to 100 Hispanics in the NFL.
  • 4 out of 10 Hispanics watch sports as part of their daily routine.
  • Hispanic sports viewership has grown by more than 25% in recent years.
  • 68% of American soccer TV viewers are Hispanic.

Source: www.hispanicstar.org

In conclusion, digital sports marketing is a sure bet for the sports industry. Keeping up with this sector will help them improve their strategies, thus achieving a more direct impact on the Hispanic audience, with whom they will find a targeted, engaged, and loyal audience.

In sports, the team is key which is why we want to be part of your team and help you win the game with a sports digital marketing strategy, targeted to the Hispanic market.
Let us help you plan your next move.

Source: Sports Business Journal and Telemundo study: https://www.sportsbusinessjournal.com/Journal/Issues/2019/11/04/Ratings-and-Research/Hispanics-trends.aspx

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