Hispanic Marketing: The reason it is no longer an afterthought.

Hispanic marketing is here to stay. 

That’s right!! The Hispanic community is the second fastest-growing minority market in the U.S., and its presence and consumer buying power are growing by leaps and bounds.

That is why it is crucial for all companies to understand the marketing trends of the Hispanic market, to reach them and convert them into customers.

But why is this consumer segment so unique?


Hispanics are not a homogenous group of customers. They have different beliefs and values from individuals in the other segments. Therefore, they connect to messages that are unique to them. In addition, they can be influenced by American culture while still maintaining the essence of their own culture.


A Hispanic family instills their cultural values and traditions in their children born in the U.S. However, on issues like politics or education, they tend to adapt more to the American culture. Hispanics are deeply connected to their roots. It impacts how they live and what resonates with them.


That’s why it’s important to define the message your brand conveys. Understanding Hispanic consumers will allow you to connect with their values, and your products or services will find a special place among them.


In marketing terms, these messages go beyond language translation, stereotypes, and the Hispanic symbols you use in your campaigns. The key is to develop the right strategies that appeal to them and touch their hearts.


To attract them, not only should your advertising speak to them in their language, your products and services, values, and even your mission should be well thought out too.


When you decide to enter this consumer segment, we recommend that you ask yourself the following questions:


  • What language should I use to communicate better with Hispanics, and how should I adapt my content to ensure my messaging connects with them?
  • What is the most appropriate communication channel or social media platform to reach Hispanics?
  • How much should I invest in strategy, marketing, and advertising to reach this consumer segment?


Answering these questions can serve as a guide to reaching Hispanic consumers. Remember, if you need help, we at BOLD are experts in creating a real connection with the Hispanic market.

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