Hispanic Heritage Month gets stronger every year.

Every year, from September 15 to October 15, we celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month. Like many celebrations, businesses, schools, and our communities explode with color, and there are festivities everywhere.

So why do we celebrate this tradition? The tradition goes back to 1968 when Congress authorized the proclamation of National Hispanic Heritage Week. This date wasn’t chosen by coincidence. Several Latin American countries celebrate their independence throughout September: Mexico on September 16, Chile on September 18; while Guatemala, Costa Rica, Honduras, El Salvador, and Nicaragua declared their independence on September 15, 1821.

Two decades after the proclamation, the commemoration was extended from one week to an entire month. You are probably wondering why, right?

The truth is that the Latin American community is estimated to have made invaluable contributions to the U.S. since 1565, making them one of the oldest and most established cultural communities in our society.

Based on the statistics you have seen and our latest blogs, it is clear to see the impact the Hispanic community has in this country, and why this month-long celebration is so important. It evokes the achievements and contributions Hispanics have made to this country, starting from the first explorations of the Spanish in the U.S. territories.

Marketers and business owners must rethink the real meaning of this celebration. Not only that, but it is no longer enough to go to small events and sell your products and services for just a month. It’s important to be objective and recognize all the short and long-term benefits for everyone involved. Take the opportunity to maximize resources and expand strategies to achieve more important goals, not only during Hispanic Heritage Month, but throughout the year. This will create a domino effect that can help build a nation filled with diversity, culture, and opportunities.

Taking all this into consideration and understanding the long road ahead, we wish to show you how to celebrate this month and open the doors of your business to this group of potential consumers.

How to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month:

  1. Host a Hispanic Heritage Month event: Encourage attendees to introduce themselves by telling stories about their lives or how they keep their traditions alive.
  1. Create special offers or launch a product or service targeted towards the Hispanic market: Take this opportunity to incorporate a new product line that honors the Hispanic culture.
  1. Decorate your displays with a Hispanic theme: If you want to attract the attention of the Hispanic population, display flags from different countries on your shelves and storefront. 
  1. Organize a support program for Latino countries in need: The Hispanic community will thank you for it.
  1. Organize a party for your employees: Not everything you do to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month should be about your customers. Your employees are the best channel to connect with the Hispanic community.

Hispanic Heritage Month is a great time to recognize the diverse and fascinating cultures of all the countries in Latin America that have shaped the U.S. into what it is today. At BOLD, we are part of this great community and can help you genuinely connect with your Hispanic American customers.

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