Healthcare Marketing tips to reach the Hispanic community.

Healthcare providers, hospitals, and the healthcare industry already recognize the potential of Hispanics within the community. As a result, in recent years, some companies have begun to target the Hispanic consumer through marketing strategies and programs aimed exclusively at them.

Although Hispanics currently spend 62% more on healthcare than the rest of the country’s general population, some challenges still prevent the healthcare industry and the Hispanic community from establishing a strong and genuine connection that would allow them to create mutually beneficial ties. 

A study by The Commonwealth Health Fund showed that Hispanics have the lowest health insurance rate of any demographic group in the United States. 

Clearly, something is going wrong.

The reality is that Healthcare Marketing needs to improve in many ways to reach the Hispanic community confidently.

If you want to formalize these steps, then we have a gift for you.

Like any industry, the healthcare sector must begin by identifying elements that define its target audience before creating campaigns or strategies. For example, when talking about the Hispanic population, some of those elements are:

  • Family: For Hispanics, the family is a fundamental pillar that revolves around how all decisions are made.
  • Authority: For Hispanics, medical physicians must be reliable figures they can trust.
  • Interpersonal relationships: Hispanics need to feel a real connection with healthcare professionals. It’s not just about speaking Spanish. 

Now that we have clarified this for you, you can now move on to creating a solid and effective Hispanic marketing campaign. Some tips for moving forward would be:

  1. Transcreate the content of your campaigns: When designing your campaign, ensure the message is clearly understood by them. Remember, medical terms may vary from one Hispanic country to another. 
  2. Offer content in Spanish on your website: If they don’t understand it, they will abandon your website with just one click, discarding all possibilities of becoming a future patient.
  3. Include paid advertising: Hispanics are mobile-first consumers across generations. Therefore, your campaigns should include paid ads.
  4. Maintain cultural consistency: It is not enough to speak or write Spanish. Include visual elements that attract the Hispanic audience.

And remember, Hispanic healthcare marketing must be authentic.


  • Hispanics have the highest uninsured rate of any racial or ethnic group in the United States. 
  • In 2020, the Census Bureau reported that 49.9% of Hispanics have private health coverage. 
  • In 2020, 35.9 percent of all Hispanics had public health insurance, compared to 33.8 percent of non-Hispanic whites. 
  • According to the Census Bureau, in 2020, 18.3% of the Hispanic population was not covered by health insurance, compared to 5.4% of the non-Hispanic white population.


The Hispanic market continues to grow, and its impact on the economy demonstrates its relevance within the community. Therefore, this is the perfect time for healthcare organizations to begin establishing marketing strategies that will allow them to engage confidently with the Hispanic community to gain customer loyalty.

All healthcare industry leaders agree that they want to cater to this growing and influential group, but they must fine-tune their strategies to get there.

Count on us to create the marketing strategies to bring Hispanics to your practice. 

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