. Gaby gil

Always think about when you did something for the first time, and let that thought drive you to do a thousand more things.


Born in Caracas, but a citizen of the world. Her curiosity and desire to learn have led her to study a myriad of disciplines that enrich her as a person and a professional.

Gaby holds a bachelor’s degree in Social Communication from the Universidad Católica Andrés Bello in her native country, where she also studied Social Media and Community Management. She currently lives in Barcelona, Spain, and has completed a master’s degree in Social Media at the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya.

She started working at BOLD as a Spanish content editor in 2020; later, she became a content creator for various accounts, including the company’s own. Now, Gaby writes for social media, the blog, the website, and other BOLD platforms, standing out for her responsibility, tenacity, and perfectionism. A lover of the richness of her mother tongue, she has become a “grammar queen” for the team.

In her tireless desire to learn, Gabriela studied digital photography, a hobby that accompanies her during her travels around the world. Always behind the lens, of course. She speaks English, Catalan, and is currently studying Italian. Another language she excels in is the language of music, as she plays the guitar and the flute, and is passionate about choral singing.

An athlete, musician, avid reader, full-time student, and a versatile artist. Her multiple facets make her a human being of immeasurable richness.

…She drives us to keep moving forward and is part of #TeamBold

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