Email Marketing Best Practices

Email marketing continues to be one of the most effective practices to communicate with your customers. Its versatility and low cost can give you incredible results if you know how to take advantage of it.

If your purpose for this year is to improve your email marketing campaign, then here are some best practices you can implement to help achieve your goal:
  1. Clean your email list and remove inactive users. This will prevent the open rate from dropping or going to the spam list.
  2. Segment your database into smaller groups. A little organization goes a long way. You can make groups based on locations, interests, ages, etc.
  3. Automate your campaigns: Conduct tests with welcome emails, thank you’s, birthdays, invitations, etc.
  4. Don’t forget to include a call to action and make sure to keep your campaign objective in mind. The CTA can be in the form of a button or a link to your website, etc., Just make sure to be creative!
  5. Avoid using a generic address such as It increases the chances of being sent to the spam folder.
  6. Personalize all aspects of your emails.
  7. Analyze your metrics to see how effective your campaign is. Pay attention to open, delivery, and click rates.
  8. Don’t forget to review the text, layout, links, and buttons before sending. A great email helps us achieve even greater results.
Be Creative and Connect with your audience!

Effective email marketing techniques can help boost your business. Here are a few email marketing trends to look out for in 2021:

  1. Segmentation and personalization in e-blasts, beyond adding the name of the recipient.
  2. Improved user experience with interactive emails.
  3. There is very little time to decide whether or not to view an email since visual content is gaining appeal.
  4. Increased “re-engagement” thanks to personalized emails.
  5. Dark mode is still trendy and is currently an option in email marketing.

And if you find yourself asking… 

What tool can I use?

We suggest using our favorite email marketing tool, Mailchimp. With this platform, you can segment and automate the information sent to your entire database via email.

Email marketing is more important than ever. It’s one of the main components of a successful digital marketing strategy.

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