Digital tactics for Hispanic Heritage Month – Case Study: Target

Target has distinguished itself by launching innovative marketing campaigns targeting consumers and clicking with their emotions, a few years ago they launched their #SinTraducción campaign, a project aimed at the Hispanic market, which featured in their different banners and advertising spaces Spanish words with no English equivalent. 

Last year they did it again (2021), in celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month they launched their “MAS QUE A MONTH” campaign, this time willing to go a step further, the goal was to highlight the empowerment of the Hispanic community, the importance of family, and support economic inclusion and entrepreneurship. But they didn’t do this in September alone. They decided to run the campaign in their stores throughout the rest of the year. Some of the strategies that this large retailer implemented in 2021 were: 

  • They used content in all their promotions, both in “Spanglish” and in Spanish. 
  • They incorporated Hispanic talent, not only in their promotions. The intention was to be genuine, so they contacted Hispanic designers along with Hispanic producers, artisans, and retailers. 
  • They created a Spanish-language website.
  • They sent out targeted email blasts tailored to a specific audience.
  • They developed a selection of products that paid tribute to the history and diversity of Hispanic culture.
  • They included employees of Hispanic descent in the campaign as ambassadors for Hispanic Heritage Month.
  • They focused on creating images of Hispanic cultural references in their ads.


Liz Hernandez, Target’s Senior Buyer, commented in an interview last year, “We already work with so many incredible Latino-owned brands, it made sense to include them in an exclusive collection to further support their businesses, as well as commission extraordinary Latino artists to create special designs specifically for this themed assortment.  We are proud to present several exclusive products for this collection, which includes selected apparel designs by Latin artists Alex Izaguirre of Mamút Creative and Reina Castellanos of ReinaVSReina.”

One year later and true to the concept of “MÁS QUE A MONTH”, if you click on the campaign link, you can still get these products on sale.

This resounding success story from the U.S. retail giant is just one example of how important the Hispanic market is, not only during Hispanic Heritage Month, but throughout the rest of the year.

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