Digital Marketing strategies that touch the hearts of Hispanic travelers.

Today, Hispanic tourists contribute more than $56 billion to the tourism industry.

According to the National Tour Association, Hispanics travel more than any other demographic in the country. They take an average of two more trips per year than non-Hispanics and spend more.

On the other hand, given their strong family ties, they tend to travel in groups. This translates into increased spending within the various industries in the sector, such as airlines, hotels, theme parks, etc.

Add to these statistics the fact that Hispanics are not only culturally rich but are also becoming increasingly prosperous economically.

In fact, following the 2020 recession, which was due to the pandemic, many economists initially projected that Florida tourism would fully recover by 2024. However, throughout 2021, 117.7 million visitors were recorded. This success was due to Hispanic visitors’ response: Colombia and Mexico led the list of international tourists.

With these figures, it is clear that public and private companies in the sector should target their tourism marketing strategies toward Hispanics. 

Important considerations before creating a strategy:

  • Family decision-making: Hispanics consult with family members while planning their trips. Even their children are influential in making travel decisions.
  • They create travel traditions: Hispanics may return to the same destination regularly, thus establishing travel traditions. In this regard, Orlando is at the top of their travel bucket list.
  • Use travel agencies: Hispanics often use travel agencies or consultants to help them plan their trips.
  • They prefer to manage in bilingual environments: Hispanics look for hotels or places where they can interact in both languages since when traveling with families, there is the possibility that a family member may not be fluent in English. 

But is speaking Spanish enough to connect with Hispanic tourists? Nope! Speaking their language is a great way to reach Hispanic tourists, but it is only the tip of the iceberg of what you can offer to connect with them.

The Hispanic tourist needs much more. That’s why we want to share some fundamental tips that allow you to create tourism marketing strategies that truly work.

  • Betting on personalized attraction marketing: It’s about going beyond the language and understanding what the tourist is looking for, depending on where they are visiting. 
  • Paying attention to your website’s ratings: Hispanic tourists are active online. They will be sure to check reviews and ratings of places.
  • Include the geolocation of your business: Nowadays, location is one of the most critical factors when a foreign visitor makes a travel plan.
  • Take care of the after-sales experience: Hispanic tourists tend to generate traditions that revolve around their activities, including vacations. 

Other essential facts about Hispanic tourists

  • More than 62 million Hispanics live in the U.S., which translates into millions of families in Latin America eager to reunite with their families and travel together.
  • The Walt Disney World parks in Orlando, Florida, are a favorite tourist attraction for Hispanic families.

Let’s create a simple equation with the two previous points. The increase of the Hispanic population within the country will positively impact the tourism sector, especially in the city of Orlando, home of theme parks and Disney World.


As the largest minority in the U.S., Hispanic tourists represent a vital industry sector. In addition, Hispanics have good purchasing power, allowing them to take an average of two more trips per year than affluent non-Hispanics. Not only do they take more trips, but they also spend more than $300 per trip.

In addition to taking more trips and spending more money, Hispanic tourists travel in the company of friends and family, which multiplies the average spending per trip compared to other cultures.

Remember: Speaking Spanish is just a resource. So count on us to lead the way to a more authentic and productive connection with Hispanic tourists. 

Let’s work together to ensure that you are part of their next destination. 

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