.Grow your community and optimize your investment!

The digitalization of companies today is here to stay, and it is necessary to build a digital community, create a digital presence, position your brand and improve the profitability of your business. Therefore, the role of the Community Manager is increasingly important in marketing activities.

In fact, companies that have a Community Manager dedicated to the management and growth of their brand’s community can increase their return on investment by up to 12%.

Now, if you want to learn more about digital community management and start self-managing your business’s digital community, do you know where to start?

Don’t fret! We can help you GET BUSY.

We have designed a complete guide that summarizes all the critical points for managing (or self-managing) your business community with clear and precise digital marketing tools and concepts so that no detail is overlooked.

If your customer trusts you, they will come back and refer others. Generate more sales by creating a community of customers who are loyal to your brand. Are you ready?

Save time and money!
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What will you find?

Social Listening

What is #SocialListening in digital marketing, and how to start applying it?


Apps that will help you manage your tasks as a #CommunityManager.

Times to publish

Hacks on the best times to publish content.


Hashtags still work. Learn how to use them.

Content calendar

Your best ally is the content calendar.

and much more

Keep this tool handy whenever you need it. It’s ¼ of the cost of any guide on the market, will help boost your community management skills x3 and forever change how you connect with your consumers.

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