. Ana gil

Si caminas solo, irás más rápido; si caminas acompañado, llegarás más lejos.

Proverbio Chino

-3D Animator-

Caraqueña at birth. She graduated in Design and Visual Communication from the Center of Digital Design in Venezuela. She’s been living in Barcelona, Spain for the past four years where she specialized in digital manufacturing. She’s currently focusing on 3D animation models by using a 3D printer.

Ana Gil is our unique, happy and witty visual content creator. Before becoming a part of our creative team at BOLDdm, she acquired vast experience in the audiovisual field, working as a graphic designer, motion designer and 3D animator at successful companies not only in Caracas but also in Cataluña.

She has even gained the recognition and support from artist and jeweler, Lluis Solano in Spain. She loves creating and 3D printing, making sure her products don’t have flaws whether in her designs or the dynamic videos that she does for our clients. 

With her knowledge, you won’t believe she’s only 27 years old. And even though you might find her a little serious, she’s the one to bring the music and start the party. She has a broad playlist and if there’s something she enjoys about her job is getting to be creative while listening to music that reminds her of the countryside of Venezuela.

Ana is easy to work with. She keeps herself calm and in a good mood. She’s dedicated and a perfectionist when it comes to work. She wants to reach success like “JOY” one of her favorite movies.

She makes everything sweeter and she’s part of #TeamBold

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