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Homero, ya ciego, me imagino, se acerca a unos pescadores y les pregunta cuánto pescado han sacado ese día. “Lo que hemos conseguido lo arrojamos, lo que no conseguimos lo llevamos siempre con nosotros”, responden los pescadores.

Andrea Mejía, revista Arcadia

-UX & Web designer-

Born in Bogotá and made in the world.

Alejandra now lives in Barcelona, Spain. She graduated as a Publicist but has a drive that led her to continue her studies, specializing in digital marketing and web design at the Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona.

She is our persistent and determined web designer. There’s no limit to her creativity. It is as deep as her will when it comes to finding harmony in every aspect of life. Something that stands out in her designs for BOLDdm.

 As an artist, her drawings always reflect great sensibility and authenticity. To her, our differences makes us human beings. “It makes every interaction with others something beautiful where we can learn from and appreciate the people in our team.” She needs to find happiness and trust when it comes to relationships, whether personal or professional and that’s something she found here at BOLDdm.

She comes to us with a lot of professional experience in the field both in Colombia and Spain. She’s not only our web designer, she also has her own brand where she designs and animates. She does beautiful work.

Drawing is one of her passions. She loves to read and walk the streets, the smell of fresh air and appreciating every detail of life. Having time to think is important to her. She’s also a film lover; her favorite movie is “June” because of its originality.

Her natural and tranquil personality bring peace to this team. Her favorite quote is by the Spanish writer, poet and philosopher, Miguel de Unamuno. It says “I don’t believe every ex future is dead. I don’t want to believe in definite death, instead of the rebirth or every one of us.” To this, she adds that all of us can choose how we want to live our lives and every decision we make will lead us to that possibility.

She illuminates us and she’s part of #TeamBold

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