4 things you should know about Hispanics in the U.S.

The Latino population represents the minority-majority in the United States. According to the latest census in 2020, Hispanics had already exceeded 60 million people. This is a community that is gaining momentum and is becoming one of the most important demographics to draw interest from large companies.

However, to reach this part of the population, and ensure your digital marketing plan is effective, you must understand certain aspects that distinguish the Hispanic community from all the rest.

According to Felipe Korzenny, Founder and Director of the Hispanic Marketing and Communication Center at Florida State University, “To connect with consumer culture you have to know where they come from, how they identify with others and how they use mass media” without falling into clichés that may attract them, but instead end up scaring them away. 

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Understand your audience to connect with them. The Hispanic consumer is:

1. Emotional, sentimental, but above all, diverse.

When we talk about the Hispanic market, we refer to people from all Latin American countries, in addition to Spain. Different cultures have certain characteristics, such as the importance of the Latino family unit. They are usually happy and like to party, and their music proves it. They preserve their grand traditions that can vary from region to region. Their religion plays a key role in their lives, and finally, Hispanics identify themselves as warm, kind, and sentimental.

2. Connected to the digital world no matter where they are.

Smartphones are a fundamental tool in the daily life of many U.S. Hispanics. Whether it’s chatting with others, browsing social media, shopping online, or managing their finances, Hispanics are more likely to connect from smartphones than any other demographic group. According to YouGov, 87% of Hispanics have a smartphone. This is an important factor that is taken into account by companies that wish to target this group.

3. We are Bilingual! We speak English, Spanish…and Spanglish!

The Hispanic community varies according to its preferred language. Most are bilingual, and many prefer to communicate in English. However, connecting with them through language goes much further than simply “translating” to Spanish. You must understand their culture, the ways they express themselves, the words they use, the way they use Spanglish, and so on. It is not just about speaking Spanish or English, but about speaking the same language.

4. Connected through social media.

A study done by the Culture Marketing Council showed that a high percentage of Hispanics in the United States identified themselves as heavy users of social media as compared to non-Hispanics. This audience uses social media to read and share content more than the rest of the population. In addition, Hispanics spend 30% of their time watching videos, which makes this a very popular source of media among Latinos.

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Impacting U.S. Hispanic consumers is challenging since not all fit the same profile. Some were born in the U.S. to Hispanic parents, others came from different countries within Latin America (Colombia, Mexico, Argentina, Venezuela, etc.) and even from Spain. Similarly, some speak either Spanish or English as their first language, while others are bilingual. That’s why companies should associate themselves with marketing and advertising specialists who have in-depth knowledge of this audience and its key attributes.

To conquer this audience, you must understand it. When developing your digital marketing strategy, you must keep in mind the essential characteristics of your target audience. At Bold Digital Marketing Studio, you will have a dedicated team of bilingual professionals at your fingertips who are experts in digital marketing, who not only speak Spanish and English, but who are part of the target audience you want to reach.

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