What non-profit organizations should know about digital marketing

In general, when we talk about marketing, we think of high-cost advertising strategies executed by companies trying to sell their products and services to a target audience, essentially maximizing their profits.

As a result, associating the word “marketing” with “nonprofits organizations” can seem a bit odd.

As odd as it may seem, a nonprofit organization should ideally have a marketing team with expertise in the industry who can develop the necessary strategies to meet its objectives.

So if it still seems strange to you, let’s start from the beginning.

A nonprofit needs the support of volunteers, donors, sponsors, and the community to achieve its objectives. For these people to offer their support, they must understand its mission, vision, goals, etc. This is where digital marketing comes in! It is the best tool to generate visibility, amplify the message and reach more and more people.

Remember that nonprofit organizations also have to position themselves in the market. Therefore, the marketing tools used are no different from those used by large companies.

As such, some basic tips for creating a marketing strategy for nonprofits targeting the Hispanic market would be:

  • Define the objectives: Before implementing a digital marketing strategy, you must define the objectives you want to achieve with that strategy. Set small goals and move forward one step at a time.
  • Identify your audience: It is essential to connect with those who are passionate about your cause. Remember that although the Hispanic demographic may seem homogeneous to you, they may not always support the same things.
  • Create a content marketing strategy: Educating your audience while positioning yourself in search engines is critical. Fortunately, the Hispanic community is always willing to learn new things.
  • Speak their language: Your content needs to be in Spanish so that your Hispanic audience does not miss anything. But keep two things in mind:
    Creating content in their official language is also essential, as your sponsors need to stay informed.
    Forget about literal translations. You will never achieve your goals this way.
  • Create a database: Once you have a list of potential donors, create a database with their information. These can be used to capture leads through online recruitment campaigns.
  • Design a simple donation system: Make the process easy for those who want to give. The Hispanic community is known for its big heart and values. Make it easy for them to give back.
  • Define the communication channels: Currently, there are many options available to nonprofits to help spread their message: Social media, websites, blog articles, and posts on external pages are just a few. It is essential to define which is the most appropriate. Once selected, work on them and keep them active.

At first glance, marketing strategies for nonprofits do not seem to be very different from those applied to other areas. However, this is only from the surface, which is why it is necessary to have experts in the area because you can make the mistake of confusing it with social marketing.

Differences between Social Marketing, Cause Marketing, and Non-Profit Marketing.

  • Social marketing is often considered a generic concept that applies to all charitable projects, i.e., marketing for non-profits or initiatives with a cause. The truth is, they are not the same and should be treated differently. Social marketing seeks to change society, to improve the lives of groups or individuals, and this is the ultimate objective of that form of marketing. It can involve for profits, nonprofits, or public entities.
  • Cause marketing has the same objective – to contribute to social change – but without neglecting the final profit objective of the company that promotes it. This type of marketing is often used by companies that sponsor nonprofits.
  • Non-profit marketing is geared towards helping them promote and develop their work in society. It does not seek to generate economic profit.



Now that we have outlined this for you, it will be easier to understand what digital marketing for an non-profit is all about, how strategies can be tailored to achieve the highest visibility and recognition, and establish an engaged community through a database of potential donors.

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