The Power of Hispanic Generosity: Their Motives and the Impact They Make.

With a purchasing power of $1.4 trillion and being the largest ethnic minority in the country, Hispanics position themselves as excellent donors or sponsors for nonprofits.

Keeping these figures in mind, November is the best opportunity to boost your donation campaigns, and connect with this community, as people, in general, are more inclined to donate and volunteer throughout November and December.

Remember that November is traditionally the month of giving. It’s a great opportunity for donors and organizations alike – during the second to last month of the year, to celebrate Nonprofits Awareness, as it motivates many communities and individuals to reconsider their stance on organizations working for humanitarian causes.

Did you know that the main “target” for campaigns is individuals? It is proven that around 68% of donations come from individuals and families. 

And overall, 18% of these donations came from the Hispanic community, demonstrating the greatness within this community. #Hispanosdejandohuella

The truth is that generosity for Hispanics is a cultural value that is present in their daily lives but never highlighted as something exceptional.

This endearing quality does not only refer to the volunteer work many Hispanics do for the nonprofits they identify with. For the most part, Hispanics show solidarity and generosity through acts as simple as smiling at the person who helps them in a store, helping a co-worker spontaneously, or holding the door for a stranger carrying loads of packages. 

Hispanics are full of generosity and perform kind gestures regularly within the community in which they live.

But what motivates Hispanic generosity?

Hispanic generosity is closely related to their culture, roots, and experience as immigrants, and the motivators are quite similar, even though they come from different Hispanic countries.

  1. Responsibility: Hispanics don’t often view their giving as an extraordinary act of support; they feel that being generous is part of their responsibility to their families and community.
  2. Faith: For Hispanics, faith is one of their most important values. Being generous is an integral part of their commitment to their beliefs.
  3. Thankfulness: Thankfulness is paramount in the acculturation process of Hispanics. For them, being generous is a palpable sign of the gratitude they feel in the face of new opportunities.
  4. Trust: Hispanics need to trust and connect with organizations before becoming donors or volunteers. 
  5. Commitment: For Hispanics, giving is not limited to money. They donate their time, talent, and knowledge with just as much dedication as their jobs.

Generally speaking, for Hispanics, volunteering, giving, and generosity, in general, are a part of everyday life.

Generosity passes on from generation to generation.

As time passes, many organizations report that it becomes more difficult to find people willing to volunteer and donate to support their causes.

Statistics show that donations from millennials have dropped almost 57% in the last six years. If this trend continues, all the efforts that so many nonprofits have made over the years could be lost.

However, Hispanic donors from this same generational block could be game changers.

The explanation for this behavior among Hispanics from different countries can be described in the following example. Imagine that you grew up hearing your parents or grandparents say the following phrases: “My house is your house” or “A glass of water should never be denied to anyone.” Expressions like these stick in the mind of an individual who, in the future, will have high levels of generosity and solidarity.

Generosity comes from within the mind and the heart. 

Donations from millennials and even younger generations are concerning to nonprofits when it comes to trying to attract them. 

They are strategic donors who focus on the results and social impact they can generate with their contributions. That is why it is vital to incorporate young Hispanics in strategic campaigns that help each organization achieve its goals.

In conclusion, the Hispanic community is receptive and open to engaging with organizations. First, however, you need to understand their motivations and connect with their emotions. 

If you’re up for it, we’ll help you take the proper steps and make Hispanic generosity your best ally.

Source: Learnig to give

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