How to complement your digital marketing team with strategic partners

If you work within a small digital marketing team, you may need to complement it with partners that can help you develop and achieve specific project goals. 

  The challenge is to achieve a good connection between both parties, so the work is more effective, productive, and runs smoothly.

 Here are some steps you can take to simplify the process and help you create a better connection.

 1- Clearly define your team’s objectives and scope.

 Establishing these objectives will help you identify what you need to cover with external providers: SEO experts, 3D designers, etc. This will allow you to clearly define who you are looking for.

 Consider splitting the members of your current team into three main groups before hiring external partners:

  • Those who attract, such as copywriters and designers.
  • Those who help with conversion optimization
  • Marketing specialists who help close opportunities.

 2- Define your partner’s objectives

 They have one main objective, which is to help you achieve your goals. Set more specific objectives and think of other benefits you could get from this partnership.

For example, working with external partners could help you expand geographically, share resources, learn new processes, boost talent, etc.

 3- Pre-select potential partners ahead of time

 Start pre-selecting partners that best fit your needs. You may need a team that manages different areas, such as another digital marketing agency; or a professional dedicated to a specific field.

 A few other things to keep in mind when making your selection are: Consider your budget, evaluate their past work, their experience, the technology they use, their reputation, and the value they offer you.

In digital marketing, extensive experience and technology used are key in obtaining high-quality work.

 4- Choose your partners

 In addition to the previous step, create a list of suitable professionals who will become your partners. Start contacting them one by one and present them with your projects or objectives.

 Choose the one that best suits your needs and is willing to take on the challenge. Focus on those who will be integrated into the strategic plan from the very beginning.

 Remember that this partner must be willing to commit to the objectives, establish a work schedule, measure and analyze the results and report them to you. Ultimately, the partnership should be established with a professional contract.

 Finally, we advise you to keep your running list of partners and professionals for future collaborations.

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