How to create an annual strategic digital marketing calendar.

Do you need a tool to help you plan the year’s digital marketing campaigns? Do you tend to overlook holidays? Or fail to create marketing campaigns specifically for those dates?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you need to develop an annual strategic marketing calendar.

Before developing your annual strategy or any business campaign, we recommend having a digital marketing calendar handy to help you plan. The best example of this strategy in action is in shopping malls, where it is easy to identify the importance of creating different ones during special holidays. After all, this is the best way to attract consumers’ attention. This technique is known as “Seasonal Marketing.” If you don’t at least consider implementing this concept into your business, it could be detrimental.

Make sure to plan well, set a goal and create a campaign. For example: If you start advertising Christmas campaigns only in December, it will be too late to make any lasting impact.

The first step is to map out the dates that can impact your business. This allows you plenty of time to make the necessary adjustments to your product and promotional strategy.

Some significant dates around the world are Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Christmas, or Black Friday. Depending on your business industry, using them can help you to boost your sales.

When targeting the Hispanic market, you should not forget about Hispanic Heritage Month, Latin American independence days, and other traditional dates like May 5th (Cinco de Mayo).

Do a little research and put together a calendar with these dates, but make sure to include the ones that will directly impact and are related to your business. If you own a restaurant and your most popular item is your famous pizza, then World Pizza Day should be the holiday you focus on to help boost sales and impact your customers.

With proper planning and the right strategy, you can: 

  • Give your business a new life cycle.
  • Discover micro-niches.
  • Strengthen your relationship with your customers.
  • Use this tool regularly to help plan your sales, advertising, or digital marketing campaigns throughout the year, and track your return on investment.
Start creating yours today! If you need help, count on us to be your digital marketing team.

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