Hispanic students are essential for higher education.

Many Hispanic students, and their families, dream of studying in the U.S. However, colleges and universities continue to face challenges in developing appropriate enrollment campaigns and marketing strategies that allow them to connect with Hispanic students.

Even though the Hispanic college population is growing significantly, some stereotypes still exist and prevent universities from establishing a real connection with young Hispanics.

Could a Hispanic digital marketing campaign make a significant difference in these numbers? We believe so.

On the one hand, we have statistics that show encouraging numbers: According to the American Council on Education, the number of Hispanics enrolled in various universities throughout the country increased from 3.17 million in 2016 to more than 5 million in 2021. It is estimated that this figure could reach 14 million students by 2025.

Although the figures show exponential growth in the enrollment of Hispanic students in the United States, only 54% of high school graduates take this step towards higher education.

Where might the challenge lie, and how can universities address this situation?

Understanding digital marketing in general terms is the best way to learn the tendencies of your target audience and how to meet their needs. In the case of universities looking to connect with Hispanic students, it would seem that the first step is covered. However, this is where many institutions begin to walk in circles.

When we talk about Hispanic students who want to go to college right now, there are some key things to consider:

  1. They are postmillennial: This generation was born immersed in technology, and they conduct exhaustive searches on the internet when making decisions.
  2. They are bicultural: Many of these young people are second-generation immigrants, born in the country and are full-fledged American citizens, but remain connected to their Hispanic roots.
  3. They are independent: Some of these young people migrate without their parents, which makes them independent when making certain decisions.


Designing an effective Hispanic marketing strategy.

Nowadays, it is not enough to offer an innovative educational model, but to allow students to find and connect easily with you. When we include Hispanic students in the equation, some vital strategies would be to:

  • Create a link between your university and the students: You must understand what motivates these students. In many cases, these young people are the first in their families to enter higher education, which makes this step more emotionally significant.
  • Provide a bilingual website: This is your calling card. Offering the site in English and Spanish brings you closer to the student and allows their parents to learn more about the institution.
  • Shift your communication and talk to them in their language: It’s not just the web anymore. Incorporate Spanish in your communications -newsletter, blogs, social media, etc. While it is true that many students are bilingual, remember that there is a percentage of Hispanic students who move from their countries to the U.S. to pursue their college education.
  • Follow-up: When it comes to Hispanic marketing, location and connection are great resources. Stay in touch with your students, follow up on their needs and build loyalty.


It is important to consider that, for Hispanic students, studying at university is not just about getting a degree but about living a unique experience.

For many of them, it’s the first step toward living the American dream.

Let’s work together and start developing the right strategies for Hispanic students to say confidently, This is my community“.

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