Hispanic Holiday Guide: How to Market to Hispanic Consumers

 The holiday season is the biggest sales season of the year. Consumers are looking to buy the best gifts, and companies are doing everything possible to sell more of their products and services. It’s a season of heavy spending when customers are more willing to buy and spend more.

Among this audience is the Hispanic market. To reach them, you should take the time to understand the culture and traditions of this unique segment and tailor your marketing strategy accordingly. 

Here are some of the traditions you should consider when creating your Christmas campaigns targeted towards this sector. Keep in mind, that customs can vary from one Latin American country to another. However, there are a few that are similar throughout the region.

Let’s get started!

The season is long

If you have it in your head that the Christmas holidays only include Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve, you should know that is not the case for many Hispanics. For them, the holiday season means celebrations and gatherings that can run from early November through mid-January.

Understanding this allows you to start your holiday campaign a little earlier or approach it differently.

 Music and Food

Many Latin American countries have their own traditional Christmas dishes, as well as Christmas carols and songs. Understanding these customs will allow you to offer them what they need for their holidays.

When you understand their traditions and connect with them through music, you create a stronger bond and help them identify with your brand.

 Gifts and Family

Christmas is a special time to get together with all the family, even those you see once a year. Hispanics are very family-oriented and place great importance on togetherness and sharing. This is the time of year when they take the opportunity to give gifts to each other and spoil the little ones. As good consumers, they will shop for gifts for themselves, the entire family, and their good friends.

 In addition, the birth of Baby Jesus is important within the Hispanic culture, and they show their respect on Christmas Day.

 So what should you consider?

Identify what gifts the Hispanic consumer is looking for and what products and services they need for Christmas.

Use colors, sounds, and symbols related to their traditions, and include them in your digital marketing strategy.

Remember to connect in Spanish or Spanish phrases. Don’t just translate! It’s critical to pay attention to their expressions and how they use both languages (English and Spanish).

Prepare your message for Christmas Day and New Year’s Eve!

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