The Orlando Business Journal recognizes BOLD as one of the 14 winners of the 2022 Diversity in Business Awards.

On June 9 at The Alfond Inn, representatives from the Orlando Business Journal presented this important award to those professionals and companies making their mark on Central Florida business and the community.

This annual award program honors Central Florida companies, organizations, and business leaders who have gone above and beyond in embracing inclusion and equality in all areas of diversity, including age, disability, gender, sexual orientation, race, and religion.

Ana Carolina received this special award in the company of BOLD team members, family, friends, clients, and business associates. Those who attended were: 

Juan Carlos Salazar, Ana’s father, and unconditional support system. 

Siling Rea, Creative Director for BOLD Digital Marketing Studio 

Ashley Blasewitz, Vice President of Marketing & Communications for Heart of Florida United Way

Rebecca Blandon, Co-Owner and Founder of Altura Craft Coffee

Pedro Turushina, Vice President of Investor Relations & Marketing for the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce of Metro Orlando.

Realtor Ozzie Quiroz, client, and long time friend 

At BOLD, we are honored and happy to be among this year’s winners. From the very beginning, our Founder & CEO, Ana Carolina Salazar, founded her digital marketing studio with the concept of working remotely with a global team. Since our inception, we have worked to create an environment in which everyone who is part of team BOLD is passionate about what they do, feels like their voice is heard, and aspires to grow.

Diversity attracts diversity! We are a great example of this concept. Thanks to our brilliant mix of committed specialists comprised of talented individuals from different backgrounds and experiences who bring creativity, professionalism, and empathy to everything we do.

For Ana Carolina, diversity, equity, and inclusion are essential and present within the company daily. In her own words: 

“At BOLD, we celebrate diversity every day, we honor our stories, and embrace our talent with open hearts and open minds. We are committed to creating an inclusive environment, all while working remotely. Our culture of belonging and the diversity of our team help inspire creative solutions that drive our success.”

Some of our most successful DE&I initiatives:

Since BOLD inception, we have implemented several new processes and opportunities for our employees, such as:

  • Flexible work hours/meeting times since many of our team members work in different time zones.
  • Virtual job/internship programs that allow us to tap into top, diverse talent regardless of location
  • Ongoing training and education to ensure opportunities for growth
  • Hire and promote women and people of color
  • Create a safe space for employees to voice their concerns and acknowledge them for their achievements. 
  • Developed a culture manual (similar to an employee handbook), which we present to new hires and current team members to acknowledge and accept the culture we follow as a company.


We will continue committing to work towards diversity and inclusion every day, which is why everyone on our team is a crucial part of the creative process. At BOLD, everyone counts. We are all part of it, and we all contribute equally.

As Verna Myers would say: “Diversity is being invited to a party; inclusion is being asked to dance; equity is remembering to play your favorite song, and belonging is dancing like you’re at home.

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