How do you design an effective Hispanic marketing strategy? 

For your marketing strategy to succeed in building genuine connections with this dynamic audience, you must dig deep into their culture, understand their values and aspirations, and present an authentic approach. As we dive into Hispanic Heritage Month, it’s more important than ever that you understand the impact and importance of this community on the country and your company. 

Hispanics generally spend $2.8 trillion annually, meaning companies must recognize these U.S. Hispanic consumers. 

Now is the perfect time to ask yourself how you can conquer this audience;

Here’s how:

Discovery Phase & Target Market Research 

An in-depth discovery phase and target market research are essential to understanding the U.S. Hispanic audience. According to the Census Bureau, the U.S. Hispanic population is estimated at 63.7 million, representing more than 19% of the country’s total population. This number is expected to grow at an impressive rate in the coming years, reaching 106 million by 2050.

Not only is this number rapidly growing, but it is composed primarily of young people. The average age of Hispanics in the U.S. is 29, meaning many are millennials, which not only makes them digital natives, but also leaders in adopting technology trends.

Content Transcreation & Messaging Strategy

Once you have a solid understanding of the Hispanic market, you must tailor content and messaging to connect with this bicultural and bilingual audience effectively. Hispanics’ cultural heritage and connection to the U.S. have evolved significantly. Most are bilingual, speaking both English and Spanish at home. This factor becomes even more significant among the very young, where 96% of Hispanics under 18 are bilingual or have adopted English as their dominant language.

This audience must be addressed in multiple languages, as online browsing shows a constant shift between the two languages. In addition, It is crucial to offer culturally adapted content that goes beyond language.

Digital Marketing Plan and Campaign Strategy

You must have a solid digital marketing plan to reach Hispanic consumers online. This audience owns more smartphones and tablets than non-Hispanics and spends more time browsing the Internet and using apps. 

They are more likely to shop online and pay greater attention to online ads. Their heavy internet use and strong purchasing power make them a desirable audience.

Creative Localization, Inclusion, and Hispanic Influencer Marketing Campaigns

Using culturally relevant content and images in your strategy is essential in making Hispanics feel represented and identified with your brand. Hispanic influencer marketing campaigns can also help you authentically reach specific audiences. 

This demographic spends trillions of dollars annually on goods and services, which will increase exponentially. The purchasing power of these “Multicultural Super Consumers” has experienced significant growth, outpacing that of the U.S. 

Content Audit

Conducting periodic content audits allows you to evaluate the effectiveness of your marketing strategies and adjust them as necessary to continue effectively reaching the ever-changing Hispanic audience.

In summary 

The U.S. Hispanic population is fast-growing with high purchasing power. Their youth, bilingualism, strong digital presence, and status as “Super Consumers” make them an essential target audience. To authentically and effectively connect with this diverse and dynamic audience, you must understand their unique characteristics and tailor your marketing strategies accordingly. 

Hispanic Heritage Month offers an excellent opportunity to include this audience in your marketing strategies. But remember, to achieve true loyalty, you must recognize them all year long. 

With an agency like BOLD by your side, you can help develop strategies that authentically and effectively connect you with the Hispanic market. 

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